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Shopping guide corner【7th】---Points for Superbuy different Order status- PopupCms-PopupCms 返回顶部
Shopping guide corner【7th】---Points for Superbuy different Order status
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Reasons The different status of the shopping order plays a crucial role in your good international shopping experiences. Today we will share some points for different status of Superbuy agent orders, thus ensuring that you have a comfortable international trade experience!

You can check your order status from “My Superbuy-Orders”
PC Link from: https://www.superbuy.com/order

APP Link: you can check the status from “Me-My Orders”

Payment Pending: It means the agent orders have been made, and you need to finish the payment in 72hrs;

Unprocessed: Order has been paid already;

Order Pending: Order submitted and waiting for shopping agent to verify;

Order Processing: You order has been assigned to the purchaser who is ready to order from the seller;

Purchased: Order has been purchased; waiting for the seller shipment;

Shipped (Chinese) : Seller has sent out items to Superbuy warehouse;

Received : Order has been signed for by Superbuy warehouse; waiting for inspection;

Stock Arrived: Item inspection, package weight; waiting for warehouse to put it in storage;
Stored in warehouse: Items of the order have been stored in Superbuy warehouse and can be shipped out anytime within the free storage period;

Clear Balance: Actual purchase cost exceeds the original order payment. User needs to pay for the difference before further purchasing;

Order withdrawn: Order is canceled due to buyer’s cancel, seller or customs restrictions or other reasons. The refund will be sent to your Superbuy account automatically;

Refunding: Refund initiated due to buyer’s application to refund or items out of stock, Waiting for seller refund;

Returning: Your items have been sent back to the seller after Superbuy applies for return with the seller successfully, waiting for seller’s refund;

Returned: Return and refund completed. The refund has been sent to the user’s Superbuy account;

Exchanging: Processing exchange for you after Superbuy applies for item exchange with the seller successfully;

Separated to ship: There are a number of items in one order, which are shipped in different parcels and different time by the seller. Waiting for seller to ship;

Confirmation pending: The purchasers have some information needed to confirm with you during purchasing your orders;

Expired: The storage date for the item expires or you have chosen to abandon the item. Order status will be set as “Expired” and items will be destroyed;

International delivery fee pending: Parcel submitted. Waiting for delivery fee payment;

Processing: International shipping fee has been paid. Your order is waiting for shipment from Superbuy warehouse;

Shipped (International): The international package has been sent out;

Completed: The item has been delivered to you.

These are common status for your orders from Superbuy above. If you have any other questions about your orders, you can contact the Superbuy customer service or visit the help center from https://www.superbuy.com/en/page/help/ We hope you have a nice time with Superbuy.com :)

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