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  • Panasonic Line Friends cooperation limited edition curling iron roll / straight dual-use curly hair straight hair splint Liu Hai perm hair curling hair straightener straight clip EH-GHW1D is only ¥279 now.
    2019-02-26 301 Views
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  • This towel is made of Xinjiang long-staple cotton, which is soft and thick. It is now ¥12 from JD. Anyone who needs it should not miss!
    2019-01-03 383 Views
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  • Founded in 2001 in Taiwan, China, PAPAGO is a leading brand in driving safety. Equipped with a 2.7inch Full HD 2560*1440P screen, the recorder's picture quality is clearer with OV4689 lens; support 60 frames/s HD recording with high picture quality; 178 degree wide angle which can cover 6 lanes; Wide dynamic +2.0 aperture + OV4689, equipped with dual-core processor, 2G RAM with Night Vision; automatically record in a continuous loop, collision sense, motion detection, one second shot and security warning and others. It supports dual lens simultaneous recording after being matched, front 178 degree viewing angle, 1080P HD; back 135 degree viewing angle, 1080P HD.

    This recorder is a new arrival from PAPAGO, with ¥50 off store coupons now. Anyone who needs it should not miss this offers.
    2018-12-26 359 Views
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  • SEPTWOLVES men's cotton jackets are on sale now with coupons of "100 off ¥279" (expires on Dec 27th, 23:59:59 Beijing time). It is a good choice for this cold winter. Please leave your comments below if you are interested. We will send you the coupon code~
    2018-12-21 436 Views
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  • SUPOR KF16F1 2 Floors Electric Lunch Box is made of 304 stainless steel, with removable Stainless Steel Container and an anti-overflow cover which enhances the heat preservation effect; the plastic movable handle is not hot and easy to use. Specifications: 1.6L and 2.0L

    Now the JD store provides 50% off Xmas deals for the household items. You can get this food box by ¥89.5 (expires on Dec 27th, Beijing time) Anyone who needs them can have a look!
    2018-12-21 391 Views
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  • This Asian Limited customization Transformers 5th Optimus Prime highlights a cool character with the dark paints and varieties of accessories. After 20 steps of deformation, you can transform it from a character shape to a truck shape. The character is about 25cm high.

    Now the store offers coupons of "100 off ¥199" with this product. It only costs you ¥149 after you apply the coupon. Come and get this toys for your kids or friends :)
    2018-12-21 310 Views
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  • Founded in 1937, Physicians formula is an affordable beauty brand from the United States. This abc air cushion liquid foundation is lightweight and easy to protect your skin from the sun, especially suitable for the Asian.

    Now JD offers coupons of "34 off ¥120" which expires on Dec 21st, 23:59:59 Beijing time. In all, this Air cushion foundation only costs you ¥95 after you apply the coupon code. Please leave your comments below if you want this item before the deadline. We'll help you with it ^0^
    2018-12-20 260 Views
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  • UNDER ARMOUR is a famous American sports brand, including sports underwear, basketball shoes, running shoes and other sports equipment. This UNDER ARMOUR ColdGear Reactor 1298166 women's tights are double-layered with a smooth outer and a soft velvet construction on the inner layer to help provide air circulation for exercise. The reflective design details help improve visibility when running in low light conditions.

    Now the official UNDER ARMOUR flagship store from JD has offered coupons of "60 off ¥300" today. Those who likes exercise can have a try.
    2018-12-18 300 Views
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  • This British Museum & Netease ukiyoe snowflake phone case for iPhone X 7/8 7P/8P is patterned by color printing. The static part of the painting is fixedly printed, and the dynamic part is presented as a quicksand effect.

    JD has the price of ¥39. It is a retro style phone case for iPhone, worth a try!
    2018-12-07 324 Views
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  • This Yeelight YLYD01YL charging induction night light is simple and non-LOGO design, soft light petal light source arrangement; there are three ways of placement including retractable hooks, 3M adhesive, and built-in magnets; it is a rechargeable night light with Built-in 750mAh lithium battery, fully charged to ensure 120 days of use; up to 120 degrees of infrared human body angle, it can automatically sense the human body in the dark light conditions when matched with the built-in light sensor; and automatically turns off after 15s light, which is easy and smart.

    JD has the price of ¥69, ending in 2 days. Anyone how is interested in should not miss!
    2018-12-07 286 Views
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  • Dostyle SD802 2.0 Bluetooth speaker adopts wire/wireless dual mode design with built-in lithium battery, and supports single speaker connection with Bluetooth independently. Its elegant and exquisite fabric appearance can be used for home decoration or outdoor use. The speaker adopts Bluetooth version 4.2, 3W power per speaker, frequency response of 80Hz-15000Hz, sensitivity of 80db, and SNR >=76dB

    Now JD has the price of ¥79 in 18hrs. It is time-limit offer. Anyone who is interested should not miss!
    2018-12-07 400 Views
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  • MIX3 is a new generation of DDPAI, deeply customized for SONY IMX307 image sensor, with good night vision performance in low light. The recoder has F1.8 large aperture, 20% increase of entering light amount than the F2.0 aperture under the same light source conditions. The 6-layer all-glass lens has good light transmission, sensitive to light and clear imaging at night.

    The Picture Quality increases 50% with the same file size by the H.265 Video coding and decoding. It has a variety of high-speed connections and simpler data download ways, and can be used in conjunction with mobile apps to share life experiences with other owners in the community.
    2018-12-07 300 Views
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  • This men's thermal underwear is made of pure cotton which is comfortable and breathable, with round neck and long sleeves for warmth and comfort. This clothing is designed for wind-proof contraction.

    Now JD official ZOMIAN store offers coupon of "50 off ¥70" before Dec 12th 23:59:59 Beijing time. In all, it only costs you ¥38. This long underwear is perfect for cold winter. Anyone who needs it can have a try.
    2018-12-06 414 Views
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  • This Adidas energy cloud 2 running shoe is made of mesh fabric upper, dry and breathable. The Cloudfoam midsole is light and cushioning, with ortholite insole which is breathable and sweat-absorbent. The heel is surround with TPU, slightly simpler than the previous generation.

    Now JD adidas official store has started the 12.12 pre-sale, with deposit of ¥40. You can get ¥60 off if you have paid the deposit before Dec 11th 23:59:59. In all, it only costs you ¥263. Anyone who needs it should not miss!
    2018-12-06 313 Views
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  • The Panasonic MC-8G36HGJ81 vacuum cleaner weighs only 2kg, sensitive and to move. It has 850W rated power and 210w suction, with treble filters which can suck the dust and particles and others more thoroughly. This cleaner adopts the dust bag with capacity of 1.5L to collect dust, which can be washed after use. The operating radius 6.5 meters, which can cover every corner of the room. The accessories include 4 nozzle heads: the ground nozzle, the net nozzle, and the dual-purpose nozzle to meet a variety of vacuum needs.

    Now JD offers ¥30 off for this oroduct, with which you can get it by ¥269 finally. Anyone who needs it should not miss.
    2018-12-03 241 Views
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  • This desk lamp wireless socket is both a desk lamp and a socket. The lighting is comfortable and soft and no hurt to the eyes. It can freely adjust the brightness for easy operation. The intelligent dual USB charging port can automatically recognize the current output required by the appliance, fast and safe. The product is rated at 2500W, with a single USB output of 2.1A and a voltage of 10A.

    Now you can apply a 【¥20 off coupon】 code from https://bit.ly/2TZCnJ1 expires after Dec 6th at 00:00 (Beijing time). Finally it costs you ¥39 only. Anyone who likes should not miss.
    2018-11-30 269 Views
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  • Bear Q-C50U humidifier has 3 shifts of sprays with one-touch control, 5L capacity, and spray volume of 30ML/H. It can start the humidification at fixed time in 12 hours with water and power failure safety protection. The use area is 20㎡ with power of 25W.

    This Bear humidifier will have a SecKill price of ¥119 on Nov 27th 00:00 Beijing time. You can add it into your shopping cart in advance, and then finish the payment on Nov 27th. We hope you like it.
    2018-11-26 371 Views
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  • Adidas is a well-known sports goods brand from Germany. Founded in 1949 by Adolf Dassler, it mainly sells sportswear and sports equipment. At present, Adidas is divided into three major brand lines, including adidas athletics mainly for sports performance, adidas originals mainly for fashion trend, and adidas neo for the young and energetic. Others include high-end product lines such as Y3 and adidas Consortium.

    This casual sneaker has mesh shoe upper, soft fabric lining, and OrthoLite insole, thermoplastic TPU heel, and Cloudfoam midsole and outsole, cushioning and comfort.

    Now JD official Adidas flagship store offers coupon of "60 off ¥300". It only costs you ¥259 finally when you apply the coupon today. It is time-limit deal!
    2018-11-26 405 Views
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  • Disney 3D eggshell children's backpack which only weighs 0.47KG has the Snow White genuine authorization. The 3D design makes the cartoon image more intimate; the reflective belt design is safer at night; and the EVC waterproof material can protect the goods inside the bag; and the shoulder strap and thick mesh bag design all makes you feel comfortable and breathable when you wear this bag.

    Now you can enjoy "12% off ¥129" deal from the JD product page. Here you can order 2 pieces of this bag and apply the discount code. In all, it only costs you ¥60.7 per piece. This backpack is suitable for 3-6 years old kids. Parents will like it.
    2018-11-22 329 Views
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  • Miiow (International) Hong Kong Co., Ltd. was established in 1998. After more than 10 years of development, it has grown into a modern brand operation group focusing on research, produce and sale of sexy fashion underwears.

    This children's down jacket is simple and stylish, windproof and warm; the fabric is moisture-absorbing and breathable. This is a portable down jacket with a storage bag for easy package and carry.

    Now you can apply a coupon of ¥35 off, with which you can get this jacket by ¥110 finally. The size is from 105-150. Parents who are interested can find the coupons from https://bit.ly/2PHqaKD (Invalid time: Nov 30th 23:59:59 Beijing time)
    2018-11-21 369 Views
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