Health care,Baby spring accessories recommended list

The spring variable weather affects human body a lot especially for the elderly and children with weak immunity. It is time to get away from the spring sickness, therefore we should pay attention to some small details of daily life.

Parents need to pay attention to the child's daily health care, protect and improve the child's immunity. So what can you do to protect your baby's immunity?

First of all, keep your baby away from allergies in the spring. Daily food must be light and fresh, instead of irritative food which includes pigment, preservatives, stabilizer and swelling agent. That is to say, eat less snacks such as ham, chocolate and more.

In addition, here are 4 points for baby’s skin care. Firstly, choose a gentle bath, avoid damage to the skin protective film, and use a skin care product to moisturize after bathing; secondly, baby's underwear should be made of cotton, to reduce unnecessary friction and static electricity; thirdly, fabric of the clothes must have a certain moisture absorption and perspiration function; fourthly, baby clothes should be comfortable and loose.

Mustela Shampoo Body Wash 200ml

Aveeno Baby Body Lotion 354ml

YEEHOO baby cotton underwear

Baby health care

1. Liquid soap
Most of the attached colonies can be removed as long as the hands are properly cleaned. Whether the anti-microbial Liquid soap is harmful or not, involves problems such as concentration and washing time.

2. Laundry detergent
It is best to buy the special baby laundry detergent If your baby's skin is very sensitive. Compared to regular ones, the laundry detergents designed specifically for babies tend to be milder and contain less irritating ingredients which are relatively safer.

For the choice of laundry detergent, some people care about brand and the fragrance, and some only choose the promotional items. While most parents may think it would be safer to see the words “plant”, “natural” and “food-grade raw materials” in the product. You need to pay special attention to the following ingredients when buying:  High-risk surfactants (Coconutt Diethanol Amide/sodium tetraborate); high-risk Preservatives including Isothiazolinone and similar preservatives, anti-bacterial agents triclosan, DMDM Hydantoin(with certain skin allergies); and high-risk flavors and fragrances benzyl salicylate, hexyl cinnamaldehyde, geraniol, citral, linalool and other EU 26 sensitizing spices.

Arau natural baby laundry liquid 720ml

3. Wet wipes
Wet wipes are maternal products that are widely used by children. When purchasing, you need pay attention to 3 points:
A, whether the ingredients of the wipes are mild or not. Alcohol, fluorescent agents, and preservatives should be avoided as much as possible, including some flavors with strong odors which may also cause allergic reactions.
B, whether the texture of the wipes is flexible and soft enough. If the friction is too serious, it may damage the baby's skin.
C, whether the package is hermetical enough. If the sealing of the package is not good, the moisture of the wet wipe will disappear, which will naturally affect the use.

Rikang Baby wet wipes

4. Wash-free Liquid soap
In terms of composition, most of the important ingredients for children's disposable hand soap are benzalkonium chloride, medium chain triglycerides, and triethyl citrate and other lipids. Disinfectant + volatile solvent + skin care ingredients are the basic components of disposable hand sanitizer. .

Benzalkonium chloride is a non-oxidizing bactericide that can meet basic needs in terms of cleaning and sterilization. However, this ingredient is not volatile, which will remain on the child's hands if it is not rinsed. It is necessary to use less hand sanitizer for children. If necessary, you need to make sure that kids don’t eat the soap as behavior.

5. Pacifier and cleaner
Baby has a strong sense of dependence, and some like to fall asleep with a pacifier for a long time. If you use a pacifier, be sure to take it off after your baby fall asleep.

The pacifier should be quit after the baby is one year old. Occasional pacifiers before the 1-year age can enhance the friction of the gums and contribute to the health of the teeth. But Long-term use of the pacifier may cause malocclusion.

Pacifiers are generally divided into sizes of less than 6 months and sizes of more than 6 months. Mothers need to prepare for the baby according to the situation.

The new nipple needs to be cleaned with water or with a nipple cleaner before the first use, and then boil it in boiling water for 5 minutes to remove harmful chemical residues from the nipple material.

Pigeon MA26 feeding bottle cleaner

6. Bottle sterilizer
Both the bottle and the dropper should be cleaned and sterilized before use. Among them, steam sterilizer is the most effective, safest and most widely used sterilizer, which has less require for the material of the bottle, and is particularly suitable for sterilizing the baby's bottle or other tableware. Here are other sterilizers which are popular in the public, such as the drying steam sterilizer which is more practical and reduces the possibility of bacterial growth; microwave sterilizer which need to place the items flat to avoid uneven disinfection; and UV sterilizers which can destroy the bacteria through UVC, with very low radiation it selves.

Xinmiao A2013 Bottle sterilizer

7. Baby bathing
Regular bathing can not only keep the newborn's skin clean, but promote their blood circulation, increases appetite, and improve sleep also.

Aveeno Baby moisturizing body lotion 227g
8. Baby toothpaste
After the baby has grown his teeth, he need to learn to brush his teeth to keep oral hygiene and lay a good foundation for preventing dental caries. It is better to choose the softer child toothbrush when purchasing.

9. Toys cleaning
Toys should be cleaned once you buy them, which is safer to wash them for the baby. Especially the solid tooth toys for small babies must be cleaned in time.

BabyGanics Baby special toys dining chair cleaning solution

PurCotton Baby wet wipes

It is important way to keep your baby healthy in the spring to start from daily hygiene and reduce the source of infection and the source of infection. In addition to the daily health care for children, their living environment such as the game area also needs to be regularly cleaned. In all, a suitable living environment can better protect the child's immunity. Hope these ideas help parents a lot. If you have any questions or suggestion, please leave your comments below and CNPOPUP is here for your needs.

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Travel guide,Portable personal care items recommended list

Many people choose to travel on holidays. Here comes the suitcase package question: how to light your suitcase and maintain physical comfort during travel? No worries now! We have selected 4 kinds of portable personal care items for your choice below:

Dental care

1. Electric toothbrush
PHILIPS HX6972/10 Sonic electric toothbrush

FANSTYLE FXL-001 electric toothbrush
This electric toothbrush has a sonic vibration frequency of 32,000 beats per minute. There are five modes that support cleaning, polishing, whitening, care, and sensitive modes. It can be used for 30 days once charged by USB. It has full body waterproof design, with 30 seconds pause and 2 minutes automatic close.

2. Water Flosser
Panasonic EW-DJ10-A portable water flosser
This Panasonic EW-DJ10A water flosser is designed as the entry-portable style, with wireless design, 2 adjustable water pressure modes. The high-pressure pulse water column can massage gums by 1600 per minute. The water storage capacity is 165ml, with 2* 5 battery powered.

Health care

1. Curling Iron
Panasonic EH-GHW1D Hair Curling LINE FRIENDS joint edition
This Panasonic EH-GHW1D hairdresser can be used for straight hair and curly hair, with universal voltage, fast pre-heating in 60 seconds, and 23cm body length. It is Co-branded with Line Friends, with the cute yellow sari chicken looks.

2. Hairdryer
Panasonic EH-WND2G Thermostatic hair dryer
This hairdryer offers 3 modes: 50 degrees of constant temperature, cold air and hot air. It is designed with folding handle overheat protection device. When the temperature exceeds 140 degrees, it will automatically power off, with rated power of 1600W.

Facial care

1. Shaver
MIJIA Portable electric shaver
This portable electric shaver is a full metal body design with a simple look. Due to its portable use, the shaver has a card design, with only 13.2mm thick and 100g weight. It can be easily loaded into a shirt pocket or a bag to carry.

2. Cleaning instrument
FOREO LUNA mini 2 electric cleaning instrument
Anyway Luna is the most suitable cleaning instrument when you go out, which can be used for a year and a half when fully charged. With small size, it can also be combined with makeup remover, which can fully meet the needs of cleaning out.

Body care

1. Portable massager
LF-J011-JGY Massage neck pillow
This neck pillow is filled with a high-density memory foam, with good resilience and 2 massage modes which can be switched by long pressing the power button by 3 seconds. The2* AA battery can last for 15 days.

2. Warm belt
YANXUAN LVHW-5V warm belt

Hope you have a nice holiday.

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For Spring,Classic men's leather jackets selected list

At the CES 2019 conference, NVIDIA CEO Huang Renxun officially released a new generation of mid-end "desserts" for mainstream gamers - the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060. In addition to the attention to the new products, you’ll be more interested in the leather jackets of the leader.

How does a leather jacket have such a big charm? We will simply talk about its history of development and introduce some of the more well-known brands and items below:

At the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, the planes of World War I were "open-top". In order to help the pilots resist the cold of the high altitude, the leather garments were created.

In the 1920s, men's love for locomotives increased greatly. No manufacturers could let go of the "development" of motorcycle jackets, thus many brands and classic styles were born.

In the 1970s, the combination of punk culture and leather clothing was closer. The motorcycle jackets, rivets, metal chains and other items were all very popular.

The fashion circle is always reincarnation and another arrival. Nowadays, singers at the concert, Internet celebrity on the INS, and people who love the trend still continue the love of the leather jackets and retro style in daily life.

In 1987, Okamoto, who worked as an illustrator in "POPEYE" magazine, produced a limited A-2 bomber jacket which attracted attention. Later in 1988 he established The Real McCoy's brand whose current manager is Hitoshi Tsujimoto, which has launched the flight jacket, tooling shirt, bucket woven sweater and narrow jeans, becoming the iconic brand of American replica style.

1.The REAL McCOY'S V.HILTS A-2 Men's pilot leather jacket
This is Steve Mcqueen's jacket in the American film "The Great Escape" in 1963, with special markings inside, which is worth of wear or collection!

Freewheelers is one of top brands of American casual wear. American Bison is the brand logo. Various vintage elements are the inspiration for design. The brand covers clothing of tooling, outdoor, military and motorcycle riding.

Arthur Curry, the actor of Aquaman, wore leather jacket when he attended the event.

1.FREEWHEELERS AND COMPANY 1930s Men's motorcycle jacket
This motorcycle jacket is made of cowhide material with lapel zipper design.


This men’s car jacket is made of horse skin material with suit lapels design.


Schott NYC
Schott NYC makes American leather. Founded in the United States in 1913, it is a world famous leather manufacturer. In the motorcycle, flying or punk rock culture, Schott clothing is rather famous. Today, the brand represents the spirit of American clothing.

In the 1953 movie "The Wild One," Johnny Strabler, played by Marlon Brando, wore the first leather jacket designed by Schott. This style had caused a burst of enthusiasm for "bad youth" at that time.

1.Schott NYC 603 USA Men's diagonal zipper motorcycle jacket
This motorcycle jacket is made of thick cowhide material with diagonal zip open and zip pocket and waist flap pocket.

Sturdy Luggage Supply
Founded in Yokohama, Japan, the founder of Sturdy Luggage Supply is a fan of antique cars, not only for collection but also for sale. So he set up the Sturdy brand in his own warehouse, whose items frequently appeared in the Japanese men's magazine.

Founded in 1993, RRL is American-style retro high-end series of Ralph Lauren. It can be said that without the establishment of RRL, there would be no Japanese retro brand today. Same to do the old clothing, the effect of RRL’s is very natural. Some fans have commented that it is not easy to distinguish each other if RRL's old craftsmanship and real Vintage classics are put together.

1.RRL Men's slim leather jacket
This motorcycle jacket is made of leather material with stand-up snap button and zipper design.

In all, the leather jackets are rather suitable for the spring retro street wear. We hope you like them and if you need any other recommendations, please leave your ideas and suggestions below, so that we can help you.

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Chinese new street fashion brands recommended list

The Chinese Fashion can be understood as a tide brand born in China or founded by Chinese. Chinese Li Ning, Taiping Bird and Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola and other cross-border joint attempts have demonstrated the reflection on self-positioning and the ambition of old-fashioned domestic apparel companies – no longer just satisfied with making daily mass clothing, but really stepping to the top of the world trend.

Here we have listed 10 Chinese Fashion Brands for your view.

SOULGOODS is a sneaker apparel store co-founded by Taiwanese artist Tang Zhizhong and Beijing street fashion opinion leader Jiming, who also operates a street wear brand with a combination of Chinese culture, Beijing spirit and European and American clothing design. In Ji Ming’s eyes, “Tiger” has one of the most unique stripes among the Chinese animal culture, and is one of the design elements that often appear in street culture.

Style: postmodern street style, skateboarding culture, 90s retro style
Idea: trend culture is not a kind of follow-up but creation and guidance, which is committed to finding bright spots in the blending of Chinese and Western cultures.
Design: classic orange color matches brand LOGO orange tiger head, with strong visual perception and oversize version

1.SOULGOODS SGS18SST13 798 Limited hoodie
This SOUL GOODS 798 store limited edition hooded sweater is made by hand-dyed dyeing. The classic tiger head LOGO print is worn to give a cracked texture.

2.SOULGOODS SGS18FWT09 Men's Buckle Ma-1 Bomber Jacket

This men's bomber jacket is modified with the classic MA-1 version as a blueprint. The color scheme also inherits the classic black-green two-color version of the MA-1; the Chinese style element is added to the details. The filler is implanted in 3M G200 warm cotton, and the outside is made of Nissan imported water-repellent fabric.

Liberaiders is a street fashion brand founded in Japan by Beijinger Meiren in 2017. It is a simple street style with a combination of military, exotic culture and photography elements. Each season, LOOKBOOK Liberaiders will select a new destination and uses the local amateurs as models to reflect its cross-cultural tolerance.

Style: skateboarding culture, with no specific style; basic street style, choose different treatments and details due to different themes;
Idea: "DESTINATION UNKNOWN", which reflects the borderless attributes of music, photography, travel and other elements;
Design: Combine traditional street culture with outdoor and functional elements.

1.Liberaiders Men's Devi Stadium baseball jacket
This men's baseball shirt belongs to the Liberaiders 2018 autumn and winter Nepal series, and the slogan behind it means "Better to die than to be a coward."


2.Liberaiders Men's suede collar jacket
This men's fleece jacket’s navy blue and emerald, dark brown and electro-optic blue color displays a unique visual style. The functional wind has a cover pocket design and a brand LOGO print on the wrist, with elastic cuffs and hem. It has a strong outdoor style!

DOE Shanghai
DOE is a Shanghai trend store that condenses elements such as sneakers, coffee, selected clothing, and its own brand. Although it has no packaging and decoration, it has a different maverick than the surroundings. The founder is Himm Wonn. The word Doe originated from the British Edward III period. John Doe, a fictional name in the Expulsion Act, also has the meaning of Bro, Homeboy and Friend in contemporary proverbs.

Store link: http://www.doeshanghai.com/shop/index.php/newarrivals.html
Style: urban leisure, Shanghai street fashion, simple and pure style
Idea: "Cannot be copied." Love creating and life; keep independent thinking and self-awareness; break the boundaries, and gets infinite possibilities and freedom to inspire, find own attitude towards life
Design: the style is relatively simple and low-key

TYAKASHA is an independent clothing design brand founded by illustrator Tong Yun in Shanghai. The style of wide imagination and the unique colors and patterns make TYAKASHA win the more and more customers. TYAKASHA's style is more suitable for female positioning, with cartoon graffiti and childlike fun. And it is an ideal choice for couple clothing.

Style: arrogant, fun, childlike
Idea: using the fun points to overthrow traditional thinking and exploring interesting and novel things.
Design: the color is gorgeous; the pattern is cute and pure, full of humor

1.TYAKASHA NZMM17 Long wool blend coat
This co-branded long woolen coat features a vintage street style, with solid woolen fabric (56.4% wool), small lapel design, and a nylon webbing design on the chest pocket which adds a sense of overalls.

Urban Forest

URBAN FOREST is an original trend brand from Xiamen. Explore the urban functional outdoor style with a strong military style.

Style: Main outdoor + military uniform style, urban function
Idea: Every season's clothing will be designed around a dream scene.
Design: Add a lot of details to the rich colors, contrast color, stitching, etc.

1.UBFR URBAN FOREST Lamb hair plus velvet padded jacket
This jacket is made of high-quality imitation lambskin fabric imported from Japan, full fluff on the surface which is soft to touch. It can be worn on both sides, while the other side is a water-repellent windbreaker fabric with a strong contrast style.

2.URBAN FOREST autumn and winter new embroidered worker jumpsuit

C2H4 LA was created by the designer YIXI CHEN in Los Angeles in 2012. It is full of LA street culture and inspired by the young street culture and free spirit of the West Coast.

Style: no fixed style, but the overall style is cool, industrial style, futuristic style without gender differences
dea: Interpret aesthetic forms and art forms with geometric triangles and molecular structures in simple style
Design: Sci-fi molecular chemical expression print detail with a large number of layers, zippers, webbing and shoulder straps

1.C2H4 Workwear ©2018 Down Jacket 3M Jacket


In January 2014, FMACM was founded by a group of students from the Hubei Academy of Fine Arts who love clothing and love trend culture, with main leader Wester Wu. Committed to the pursuit of original design, they integrate fashion design into the daily clothing. FMACM's design is very focused on tailoring and texture.

Style: urban, street, retro
Idea: Pursuit of the fun and unique of clothing, attention to the mental state and living status of youth groups
Design: Make street fashion costumes with academic aesthetics, slogan printing, graphic design, color contrast

1.FMACM 2018AW Printed collar down jacket

2.FMACM 18AW Snow Mountain Print Crew Neck Sweater

Purlicue is a small brand from Guangdong, whose most famous collection is the THE FAKE series.

Style: avant-garde, creative, performance art
Idea: design with architectural methods
Design: simple and rude design elements, spoof big brands

1.Purlicue school kill men’s embroidered jacket 18AW

2.Purlicue Men's hooded sweater

Pros By CH
Pros By CH is an independent vintage brand created by the designer 969 in 2014. It is dedicated to discovering and inheriting the traditional craftsmanship and elements that have been forgotten.

Style: retro style
Idea: Improvement and re-creation based on the traditional craftsmanship; make traditional culture be more harmonious in the modern society, and closer to the modern young people's lifestyle
Design: tooling design, oversize loose version, plant dyeing

1.PROS BY CH Oversize short retro mix color down jacket
This contrast-colored short down jacket is one of Pros By CH's hot sellers, with red, yellow, blue and white as the main color, contrast color collage design. Filled with white duck down, cashmere content about 90%, and filling amount up to 200-250g, this oversized down jacket has high bulkiness, which is warm and soft, comfortable to wear.

2.PROS BY CH Japanese retro blue striped shirt

The unique design concept and cultural identity is always behind the tide brands, meanwhile culture is always a fertile ground for the tide brands to be born and develop. We all hope the national trend brands become better and better, and bring us more surprise in the future.

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Home exercise,Sports equipment recommended list

Unconsciously, it came in 2019. Do you feel that winter is getting colder? In the cold days, do you put a lot of fat on your body to keep warm? Here we have recommend several products suitable for the indoor exercise.

ABS wheel
Abdominal muscle wheel is a good project, which can offer very good exercise for muscle groups such as chest, waist, abdomen, shoulder and back.

1.KANSOON KA502 Solid steel pipe standard ABS wheel

The elliptical machine
The biggest feature of the elliptical machine is that there is no pressure point on the knee joint when your body uses it to exercise. Elliptical exercise can not only prevent, reduce and relieve cervical cervical spondylosis, periarthritis of the shoulder and upper back pain, but also avoid the impact generated during running, better protect the joints for a better safety factor.

1.DECATHLON VE730 Fitness elliptical machine

Rowing machine
When it comes to safety factor, the rowing machine should be the top item in the movement equipment. By simulating boating, you can exercise your muscles groups such as legs, waist, shoulders, chest and back and more, especially for the back and back muscles. You can relax your back for a whole working day!

1.KANSOON NA01-S Simple rowing machine

Sit-up aid
The sit-up aid can be used for sit-ups, flat support, push-ups, back-ups, supine legs, side-lifting legs, hip bridge movement, leg stretching, and yoga.

Dumbbells are undoubtedly one of the most practical home fitness tools, which are small in size and easy to use. The most important thing is that they have wide functions. Basically, the muscle training of the main part of the body can be achieved with a pair of dumbbells.

1.KANSOON home fitness environmental protection dumbbell

As the coldness outside in winter will harm the cardiac and cerebral vessels. People who like running should have a high utilization rate of treadmills at home!

You’d better choose treadmills with wider running belt, which may have higher safety factor when you want to buy one. It is recommended to put a yoga mat or carpet under the treadmill to reduce noise and steady the treadmill.

1.Reebok ZRN2 Home smart treadmill

We hope to help you get a better choice for whatever you need from Chinese online stores. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave your comments below.

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Protective gear selection,allows safe and efficient exercise!

Speaking of sports protective gear, many people may think of professional athletes and intense basketball games, while most people may be regardless of wearing protective gear to protect themselves during the daily sports running. For example, jogging seems to be a sport with a low risk factor. However, it requires the cooperation of hands, shoulders, ankles and legs; and the ankles, wrists and knees are vulnerable parts during the exercise, especially the injured joints need protective gear to protect them. Here we have selected several protective gears which ensure your safety in sports.

Anyone who likes sports should know the importance of protecting their knees. In order to avoid injuries or protect the knees that have been injured, we must wear genouillere to protect ourselves.

1.Knee Braces
This kneepad completely wraps the knee and secures the entire knee joint. Bauerfeind is a sportswear brand from Germany. It is the most widely worn knee pads for NBA players, such as Kobe and Jeremy Lin. Among them, the star product GenuTrain basic knee pads are suitable for running, basketball and mountaineering.

2.Knee strap
This genouillere is a belt design that is fixed to the tendon below the kneecap to reduce the tendon being pulled during exercise, so that the tendon gets a moderate rest. But there is no protection on other parts of the knee joint, which is suitable for sports people with tendon injuries, sports that needs more running and jumping such as basketball, track and field, or people who are riding bicycles excessively.

3.Open-hole genouillere
It has the function of basic knee pads, which is designed to open at the position of the humerus. It reduces the pressure on the tibia in the outdoor sports, strengthens the fixation of the tibia and reduces the friction caused by the movement. It is suitable for patients with tibia problems such as patellar chondromalacia and Patellar displacement, etc. In addition, sports such as jogging, climbing and others with more knee activities are also applicable.

Ankle guard
The ankle guard is an indispensable protective gear in the bounce movement, which also has different design as the knee brace. It is roughly divided into strap-type ankle guard, elastic fabric ankle guard, and synthetic rubber ankle guard.

1.Ankle brace
It is divided into six-character cross straps and horizontal straps, suitable for people with sprains, bony crack, fractures, postoperative recovery problems or people who frequently jumps and falls and turns around. Ankle brace offers good protective support for people who has habitual sprain of ankle joint and Laxity of ligament.

This LP 757CA ankle brace fits the inner flap of the ankle, which can relieve the double impact of weight and speed. The 8-shaped winding of the telescopic strap securely fixes the ankle for high-intensity exercise.

2.Elastic fabric ankle guard
It is also a familiar style. The special elastic fabric makes the protective gear fit better with the ankle . It balances the pressure on the ankle joint and provides comfortable protection, which is also convenient for the shoes choice.

The LP CT11 is lightweight and versatile, with a powerful mesh technology that stabilizes the ankle movement; the breathable and porous fabric adds comfort for wear.

People who like to play tennis, badminton and table tennis may often have elbows hurt after the exercise, especially when playing backhand. Therefore when playing tennis, it is best to wear a wristband if you have an elbow pain.

Barcer & Leg guard
For running sports, the main role of the bracer and leg guards is to fix the muscles to reduce tremor and assist the muscles to drain acid, in addition to the effect of perspiration and sun protection. There are more choices in the brands. For example, SKINS' gradient compression leggings, McDavid, CW-X and more are all good choices. You can also buy a compression suit for a convenience.

As the protective gear can play a role of prevention and protection, people who often exercise should choose the right protective gear according to their needs. There are many choices about brands and protective gears such as LP, McDavid, BAUERFEIND, AQ, Mueller, FUTURO and more, which are well-reputed brands. Decathlon may be a good choice for cost-effectiveness products. Any way, we should be careful while exercising.

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Hot 5 types Cake mould collections

Baking has gradually developed into a hobby, a good way for people to spend their spare time and relieve stress in life.

Different shapes of cakes require different bottom embryos. Nowadays the baking industry grows fast, which enables us to make a variety of different bottom embryos with different shapes of cake molds.

Heart-shaped cake mould

If you want to make cake at home, this heart-shaped mould can help a lot.

Lollipop cake mould

This mold is made of high quality platinum silica gel. Different from the ordinary, it has the advantages of high efficiency, odorlessness, environmental protection and non-toxicity, which can hold temperatures from minus 60℃ to 220℃. There are 18 round cake phantoms inside. The left and right sides are also specially equipped with anti-slip hand rests; each mold has a small jack for chocolate, jam and other lollipop styles. Specifications: 25x4.3cm. Capacity: 28mlx18 grid.

Anomalous cake mould

Anomalous cake molds are not suitable for applying cream. They can be made into hurricane cakes or mousses for direct eat, or also be decorated by pouring.

This LEKUE silicone mold is made of platinum-silica gel, which is safe and healthy. The temperature range is from minus 60℃~220℃, which allows to frozen mousse or be baked in the oven. It can be washed in the dishwasher, easy to clean. Specifications: 8 inches.

Rainbow cake mould

It will reduce the material waste and save working time by using a special rainbow cake mould and baking multiple layers of cake at the same time.

With non-stick material, this 6-inch rainbow mould set is packed into a colorful box, which is rather beautiful. It is mainly used to make rainbow cake, naked cake, red velvet cake and so on. Size: 15.2 cmx1.9 cm.

Mould sets
The mould sets are more affordable than a single purchase, also you should check if the items in the package are what you need.

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Home hot pot,The correct "open way" for winter!

Hot pot is sure to be the best choice for the cold winter. But you will refuse to go out for a big feast in the cold wind days. At that time, making a hot pot dinner at home is perfect and enjoyable.

Classic Kitchen Appliances for Hot Pot

1.Electric hot pot

Electric hot pot is a common home appliances in winter. In addition to being used for hot pot, it can also be used for porridge, noodles, stews, etc. At present, the common electric hot pots are mainly divided into two types: split type and integrated type, most of which use temperature control that can be manually adjusted. The power is mostly between 1200-1500W. The main body of the split type can be separated from heating plate, which is relatively convenient for cleaning.
If you want to buy one, you need to pay attention to the quality of the work of the electric hot pot, especially whether the power socket is stable or durable in addition to the common cleaning and temperature control problems. And it is best to buy one with a long power cord; the material and thickness of the pot will affect the heating speed, which is also necessary to pay attention.

1.1 SUPOR JJ4030D604 Electric hot pot 7.5L

1.2Midea MC-DY3030Easy101 hot pot 6L

2.Multi-function pot

You can eat hot pot at home and take a photo of the beauty of the artifact, but also a long-awaited net red on the market - multi-function pot. The pot of the multi-function pot has a refined appearance and rich functions, which is very popular among young people.

In addition to its own standard settings, it can be matched with different accessories such as Disk, flat baking pan and meatball disc according to your needs. That is to say, you can make soup, barbecue, small balls and Hand grab cake at home with this pot. Especially it does not need an open flame, with fast heating speed and little smoke, which is very suitable for indoor use.

2.Auxiliary kitchen electric appliance for hot pot

In addition to the two small kitchen appliances above that can be used directly for hot pot, Induction Cooker and Electric TaoLu and two types of auxiliary tools which are very friendly.

2.1 Induction Cooker
The induction cooker uses electromagnetic conversion to convert electrical energy into magnetic energy, and finally converts it into heat to cook the food in the pot. It is generally required to be used with iron and stainless steel pans.

Compared with the power of electric hot pot and the multi-function pot, the power of the induction cooker is larger, but the time is less. If you want to eat hot pot quickly, you can choose the induction cooker. In addition, it is necessary to pay special attention to the fact that there is a certain amount of electromagnetic radiation when the induction cooker is used. Families with pregnant women and children should be especially prudent.

2.2Electric TaoLu

The electric Taolu has strong temperature control and can maintain constant heating. The heating temperature can reach up to 700°C, which is suitable for the hot pot, barbecue and stir-fry. However, it has very slow heating speed, thus those who are with little patience may be disappointed. The appliance has residual temperature when stops working. Therefore the heating area is very hot. It is easy to be burnt if you don’t you pay attention. In all, it should be careful when using the electric Taolu.

3.Pursuit of food
The pursuit of food from human beings is endless. It is the consensus of the foodies to use tools to achieve their goals. It is the correct “open way” for winter to prepare a hot pot at home with friends and families.

Nowadays, the functions of kitchen appliance are becoming more and more abundant. It is necessary to comprehensively think about the quality, safety and function of the product while purchasing. In all, it is best to choose the right kitchen electric appliance according to the individual needs.

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The world's top 30 street fashion brands!

Paper media is a great way to better understand the global youth culture after the new millennium. From the basketball and NBA to the daily wear, these magazines bring a set of lifestyle concepts such as dressing style and music culture in North America and Japan, which are called trend culture in China. A clothing brand that operates under this culture is called a street fashion brand. In fact, this naming is not accurate in terms of the origin of this culture, instead of which street wear is more appropriate, and the corresponding is actually street culture. Here we have selected the top 30 street trend brands for your look!

30. Subcrew
Founded in 2004, Sam Lee's own brand, SUBCREW, has always followed the street style to the board style. Subcrew is the short form of Submarine Crew, hanging out in the limitless and boundaryless ocean with free and easy attitude.

29. Us versus them
Us Versus Them started in 2005 as a creative outlet and has complemented to the groundbreaking Southern California clothing store and art gallery Versus. The brand carries a strong Mexican descendant style of Southern California, with the handwritten logo designed by Graham Nystrom.

Fucking Awesome which is also known as FA World Entertainment was started by Jason Dill back and and Mike Piscitell in 2001 as a clothing company, with board, image and slogan as their unique style.

27. carhartt WIP
Founded in 1889 by Hamilton Carhartt in Detroit, Carhartt began producing overalls and other types of workwear garments from denim fabric and canvas, which eventually became the brand’s trademark fabric. In 1994, Carhartt Work in Progress (WIP) is established by Edwin Faeh to become the exclusive distributor of Carhartt in Europe.

26. in4mation
In4mation is a Hawaiian streetwear label established by Ryan Arakaki, Todd Shimabuku, Jun Jo, and Keith Kanagusuku, in 2002. In4mation’s products have strong roots in the Hawaiian skating scene and are heavily influenced by skating sub-culture. The brand has also collaborated with other high profile brands, such as G-SHOCK, The Hundreds and Stussy.

25. Original Fake
OriginalFake is a trend brand created by graffiti artist KAWS, an American graffiti artist who turned advertising into art. OriginalFake works have the typical double X eye cartoon pattern, which is full of children's interest and popular in Japan and even the world whether is applied on a doll or a T-shirt.

23. Wtaps
Launched in 1996 by Japanese designer TET, WTAPS (pronounced “double taps”) is a line of modern menswear inspired by classic streetwear, military styling and the great outdoors. Taking cues from the philosophy of traditional Japanese carpenters – who are known for making full and complete use of each piece of wood used – WTAPS clothing is designed keeping in mind the sentiment “Miya-Daiku” or “placing things where they should be.”

22. Benny Gold
Benny Gold is an American skate and streetwear brand & boutique that sells menswear, sportswear, footwear, skateboards, hats and accessories, founded by Benny Gold in 2007. The full range is mostly comprised of handmade jackets, Japanese-made windbreakers, fleece-wear, button-down shirts, graphic T-shirts, and accessories like skate decks, bags, hats and caps. The brand has collaborated with other clothing and accessory companies like JanSport.

20. Mishka
Mishka NYC is a streetwear company and record label based in New York City. It was established in 2003. Featuring bright colors and grotesque but playful cartoon imagery, the brand designs T-shirts, hats, sweaters, and accessories. Mishka NYC’s most notable design is the "Keep Watch" eyeball and the "Bearmop" logo, a cartoon bear.

19. maharishi
maharishi was founded in 1994 by Hardy Blechman with the great vision to create environmentally sound, fair-trade produced, long-lasting, high-quality, utilitarian clothing. The collections have always included the strong natural fibre hemp as well as organic cottons and upcycled military clothing.

Established in 2002, UNDEFEATED is the original authentic sneaker store and apparel brand offering the best curated products and exclusive collaboration.

17. Staple
Jeff Staple is a very well-known multi-disciplinary designer in North America, and his clothing brand can only be counted as a sideline. In 2005, Jeff designed Dunk SB shoes for NIKE, whose unique color matching and small pigeon logo became the classic of the times.

16. CLOT
CLOT is a streetwear label and lifestyle brand founded by Edison Chen and Kevin Poon, aimed the bridge Eastern and Western culture. This brand is active in doing collaboration and crossover with international brands like Disney, Nike, and Coca-cola. Aside from fashion, CLOT has forayed into music, culture and design, collaborating with many high profile brands such as Converse, visvim, Head Porter, adidas, and Coach.

Bounty-Hunter is a Japanese brand, intended for bounty hunters, which is inspired by Boba Fett, a bounty hunter in the famous sci-fi movie Star Wars. Founded in 1997 by Hikaru Iwanaga, the company's product categories include men's wear, bags, accessories, shoes and dolls.

13. HUF
Founded by Keith Hufnagel in 2002, HUF is a Californian skate footwear and apparel label. The label aimed to fuse skateboarding, street wear, and sneaker fashion and is inspired by vintage American craftsmanship, design, and functionality. Before long, the store began producing in-house goods and debuted an apparel line.

12. Diamond SUPPLY CO.
Founded in 1998, Diamond SUPPLY CO. started with skateboarding equipment and became the famous skateboarding brand in the West Bank with the help of the skateboard brand Girl. A touch of Tiffany Sea blue plus white painted diamonds makes the brand's symbol to be the unique among street brands. Then in 2005, Dunk SB was designed belonging to the Diamond.

Of the trinity of cult street wear brands founded in 1994, NEIGHBORHOOD may be the most singularly focused, at least at first glance. Founded by Shinsuke Takizawa in the Harajuku-neighborhood of Tokyo, Japan, NEIGHBORHOOD surfaced before retail shops—outside of Jun Takahashi and Nigo’s NOWHERE store—covered the area. Takizawa has shaped his brand with the concept of crafting clothes that pay homage to motorcycle riders and their culture—a cultish subculture in its own right.

10. 10.DEEP
10. Deep is a New York street wear brand founded by Scott Sasso, in 1995. With a name derived from a slang term that describes "ten people together in a show of force,” the trendsetting brand aims to be an expression of personal strength and individuality. 10. Deep is driven and inspired by the energy that bore hip hop, skate, punk and graffiti subcultures, and has become a cornerstone street wear brand.

X-Large is a clothing store/line founded in Los Angeles in 1991. It soon became popular with urban youth and hip-hop artists. It is very popular in Japan and Hong Kong, which is most famous for its Gorilla Logo. According to I.T's official website, which is a retail chain that carries X-Large branded items in Hong Kong, X-Large was the first street brand to use a gorilla or monkey as a logo even before "A Bathing Ape in Lukewarm Water".

SSUR is a street wear clothing label, founded by Ruslan Karablin. The branding name is derived from the backwards spelling of ‘RUSS’, which reflects Karablin’s Russian heritage. The label offers a range of hoodies, sweatshirts, T-shirts, socks, accessories, snap-back hats etc. SSUR garnered significant attention in the street wear world for its release of ‘COMME des FUCKDOWN’ logos, as well as ‘COCO MADE ME DO IT’.

6. fuct
FUCT is a street wear clothing brand that was founded by Erik Brunetti and Natas Kaupas in 1990. FUCT is known for re-appropriating subversive anti-government and anti-religion icons and campaigns, as well as pop culture themes and references. As well as being known as the predecessor of Modern Street Wear and is often pooled together with other street wear brands like Stussy, Hysteric Glamour and Pop-Shop.

5. alife
Prominent Street and skate wear brand Alife was founded in 1999 in New York, by four friends-Arnaud Delecolle, Tony Arcabascio, Tammy Brainard and Rob Cristofaro. Originally a creative workshop based in Manhattan’s Orchard Street, Alife’s innovative designs and forward-thinking products propelled them into an internationally renowned street wear clothing brand and boutique. The name of the brand came up from the idea of bringing an inanimate object to life, or infusing hype into a product. Alife has collaborated with other companies such as Nike, Reebok, adidas, New Balance, Saucony, Timberland, ASICS, Lacoste, Mitchell & Ness, Dickies, Kangol and more.

The Hundreds is a street wear brand founded in Los Angeles in 2003 by Bobby Kim and Ben Shenassafar inspired by California culture including punk, hip-hop, skateboarding and surfing. Now sold worldwide and its own stores in the United States, the Hundreds has expanded into a print magazine, footwear and eyewear.

3. Supreme
Founded by James Jebbia, Supreme is an iconic street wear label that has gone on to amass a cult-like following around the world with skaters, artists, and collectors, who are eager to get their hands on the brand’s latest drop. Supreme is also known for its extensive collaborations with Nike, Vans, and The North Face, Comme des Gar?ons, Dover Street Market, and Stone Island.

2. Stussy
Stüssy is a clothing brand and private company started in the early 1980s by Shawn Stussy. The company is one of many that benefited from the surfwear trend originating in Orange County, California, but it has largely been adopted by the streetwear and hip-hop scenes.

Obey Clothing (stylized as OBEY) is a popular clothing producing company founded in 2001 by street artist and illustrator Shepard Fairey as an extension to his work in activism. The brand is well known for incorporating politically and socially provocative propaganda into the designs of their clothing and its founder describes this as manufacturing dissent.

In all, hope you like them, and find your own fashion style.

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2018 personal care appliances Collection,Best sellers summary

In 2018, various sellers have released a lot of personal care products, and also created many best sellers. In terms of new products, health care is small electrical appliance. As there will be no new product release conference like digital and home appliances, many good new products are not noticed by everyone. In addition, you may also want to know the best sellers of this year. Here we have selected some health care appliance in 2018 on "new products" and "best sellers" to help you find the one that suits you.

New product line

BRAUN iBrush10000 Electric Toothbrush
The iBrush 10000 has an upgraded color and some standard features compared to the iBrush 9000, which also applies the 3D cleaning technology with 48800/m vibration frequency that can clean plaque at multiple angles. It is equipped with 6 types of brush modes, with pressure reminder and timing tips and 5 brush heads. It is available for two weeks when charged once. It can be monitored once connected to APP, also with a smartphone base. The whole set has comprehensive functions and accessories.

Silk'n infinity 2.0 Pulsed light Epilator
Silk’n Infinity eHPL – Painless Laser Hair Removal at Home; Experience the Revolution in Hair Removal; Improves the feel of your skin! Compared with the previous generation of infinity, the main upgrades of this 2.0 are here: the addition of blue light cleaning light box; new facial skin energy file, gear adjustment from the previous 5 files to 1-3 hair removal, I-II file skin; The wavelength range is further refined to 475~830 for the face and 750~1200nm for the hair removal lamp; the warranty is increased from the original year to two years. In addition, the light-emitting area is greater than 2.7m2, not limited to the number of flashes, with skin color sensing. It can be used for body and face.

YA-MAN Bloom RF Beauty Instrument
For the first use in 6 minutes, YA-MAN Beauty Instrument can lift the sagging skin and make the face line rise by 6°. RF double-loop RF technology flat-plate conduction fits the skin, with a large circular area and 37°C~42°C constant temperature that is safe against burns. The wireless design is easy to carry, with USB charge time about 3 hours. The frequency of use is 5 times a week, no more than 6 minutes each time. It needs to be used with the official gel.

Dyson Airwrap Complete Styler Hair Styling Set
Dyson Airwrap Complete styler is engineered for multiple hair types and styles. Featuring Coanda air styling and propelled by the Dyson digital motor, users can curl, wave, smooth and dry with no extreme heat. NEGATIVE IONS and COOL SHOT - to reduce static and set your style.

360 T1 Sonic electric toothbrush
This washable electric toothbrush has 40,000 high-frequency sound waves per minute, whose brush has a swing of 5mm. It is equipped with a 5-speed cleaning mode, pressure sensing and time reminder. When charged for 10 hours, it can be used for 45 days.

Tescom Bic32 Upgraded version Hair dryer

Tescom may be the leader of hair dryers. The feature of this upgraded version is that the comb contains camellia essential oil, which makes the hairy hair soft and shiny, while the moisturizing negative ion function can care for hair. The comb is detachable and washable, support of 100V-240V voltage with Dual air volume that is adjustable.

Mi Family

VIOMI VXYS01 Sonic electric toothbrush
This VIOMI electric toothbrush has a 2000mAh lithium battery and a large amount of power with intelligent energy-saving technology. It can be used for about 3 months once charged. It is equipped with a high-frequency sonic motor with high-frequency vibration of 31,000 times/min, and wide swing of 5.5mm. There are 5 professional modes of “clean, light, massage, whitening and polishing”, with 2 minutes brushing settings and 30 seconds zone change reminder.

MI Electric shaver
MIJIA MI electric razor adopts a 3-head design similar to Philips, with 360° floating veneer shaving system. The double-ring knife net and double-ring blade design is more efficient, two-speed adjustable. The body is washable, support of dry and wet shaving. Built-in lithium battery, the full battery life can be up to 60 minutes, and support 5 minutes fast charge. The USB charger is easy for charge.

Best Seller Line & Dental appliance

PHILIPS Sonicare HX6730 electric toothbrush

PHILIPS HX6511 Sonicare rechargeable electric toothbrush

PHILIPS HX9362/67 Diamond bright white rechargeable electric toothbrush

Panasonic EW-DJ10-A Portable Water Flosser

Best Seller Line & Dental appliance & Beauty equipment

PHILIPS S5050 electric razor

Dyson Supersonic HD01 electric hair dryer

Panasonic EH-NA98C electric hair dryer

Panasonic EH-NA98Q electric hair dryer

PHILIPS BRI861/80 IPL pulsed light Epilator

FOREO LUNA mini2 Electric Cleaning instrument

Tripollar Stop Pink Home RF beauty instrument

NEWA Home RF electronic beauty instrument

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Top running shoes collections,Runner's World Review 1st

The famous "Runner's World" magazine is familiar to those who love running. Every year, all runners are concerned the list of "Runners World Running Shoes Awards" that is announced by the Runner's World. Runner's world collects a wide range of high-end running shoes from various brands. It has established the awards of "Editor's Choice", "Best Debut", "BEST UPDATE", and "BEST BUY" and more, based on shoes price, weight, height difference and cushioning elements and stability factors, and test of physical data of the shoes, functions and the tester's try-on and other positions. It is known as the "Oscar" in the field of running field. Here we have selected the 7 types of running shoes of the first part for your reference!

1.Reebok Floatride Run Fast < fastest shoe 2018>

Reebok Floatride Run Fast is a comfortable running shoe that helps you prepare for the long run more comfortably. Reebok is using a Pebax-based foam—much like what’s found in the Vaporfly 4%—which is far lighter than the standard EVA that’s been used in running shoes for decades. The outsole is designed with a wave-like thin rubber that is non-slip and lightweight. This shoe is suitable for marathon, half marathon and 10km running.

2.Brooks Ghost 11 < Editor's Choice 2018>

This year, the Brooks Ghost racks up its seventh Editor’s Choice award for its appeal to a wide variety of runners. This GHOST 11 running shoes is the new edition that Brooks launched in 2018 with a new upgrade to the entire upper and midsole. The front half of the shoe cover retains the mesh breathable material as before, while the rest part is made with 3D Stretch Print, thus the overall seamless design fits comfortably. The midsole material is still based on BioMoGo DNA technology. It disperses the impact and provides excellent cushioning when matched with the full-scale Segmented Crash Pad. Using a new foam, the Ghost feels lighter without a loss of softness or bounce.

3.Saucony Kinvara 9 < Editor's Choice Spring 2018>

The KINVARA series of Saucony is a Saunany marathon running shoe that combines lightness, comfort, softness and support together perfectly. KINVARA 9 continues the the upper EVERUN material of the 8th generation, providing the sufficient cushioning. The lightweight EVA+ midsole, lightweight rubber outsole and mesh upper all help to lighten the burden of both feet. The thickness of the midsole is 23mm, and the forefoot of 19mm, with excellent cushioning performance.

4.361 Degrees 361 STRATA 2

STRATA 2 is the new running shoe of the 361 degree international line in 2018. Positioned as the top support running shoes and same price with that of the previous generation, this running shoe has received the Editorial Recommendations for the 2018 spring from Competitor Running magazine in the United States. The shoe’s upper is made of three layers of breathable mesh. The midsole double layer QU! KFOAM enhances the cushioning. There are three layers of support design for the arches of the foot, with good support performance.

5.Nike Air Zoom Pegasus Turbo < Hot List 2018>

NIKE's sports goods are wide range such as clothing, footwear, sports equipment, etc. The sneakers created by its pioneering air cushion technology can well protect the athlete's knees and reduce the impact on the knees when doing strenuous exercise. Based on the well-known Pegasus, this Nike Zoom Pegasus 35 Turbo Men's Running Shoes have been incorporated breakthrough innovations for fast speed performance.

6.New Balance 890 v6

From the US sports brand New Balance, this 890V6 men's lightweight running shoes won the "Runner World" 2018 Spring Best Update Award. The 6th generation has been upgraded as a whole; the upper upgraded to a breathable engineering mesh material, which is comfortable and lightweight; the midsole adopts REVlite technology for cushioning which is completely lightweight. The forefoot of the outsole adds a TPU-reinforced outsole to ensure flexibility while enhancing rebound.

7.Saucony Liberty ISO < Best New Arrival Spring 2018>

This Saucony running shoe is the first one which adopts the Freedom ISO with full-arm EVERUN cushioning technology, getting good evaluation after it was launched. So here comes the stability series of the Liberty ISO, which adds stability based on the Freedom ISO. It adds a small TPU support strip on the inside of the midsole, which is more suitable for low arches and long distance runners. The most important thing is that the upper and the bottom of the sole are made of EVERUN cushioning material, with the crystal rubber outsole which is both wearable and bright.

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Accessories Review,Top 5 elements for the New Year

The year 2018 has passed, followed by the most anticipated New Year 2019. Are you excited when watching the red and green, and shining NY elements on the street? The color of many clothing is often boring and monotonous in the winter, therefore it is especially important to improve the overall brightness by accessories. Here we have selected 5 elements which are popular among fashion girls for the New Year 2019!

1.Snowflake Element

When speaking of winter, all beautiful girl do have unlimited imagination for the snow in the sky. The snowflake element itself is a very delicate pattern, which is suitable to be used in jewelry. The small and exquisite design makes you to be a winter fairy in seconds.

ZEGL Designer Xmas snowflake earrings

ZEGL Xmas Fringed snowflake earrings

If you want to be unique, you can choose the asymmetrical design earrings which are very popular this year. One side is very cumbersome, while the other side is very simple, thus making a big contrast and allowing you to coexist with beauty and personality.

ZEGL Xmas snowflake Circle earrings

This kind of personality of earrings has been popular since the 1980s. Many female stars have worn earrings with such big rings this year, which not only shows freedom, but beauty and elegance. The earrings can be perfectly matched with sturdy coats or casual bomber jackets.

2.Shining Star & Moon Element

In addition to the romantic and beautiful snowflake, the Star&Moon element is also essential. The elements related to the universe have always been closely related to Christmas, which are also very attractive to wear. Why not to choose this kind of bling bling earrings for a New Year?

ZEGL Xmas Long Star & Moon earrings

3.Deer Element

In this special day, why not choose to be a lovely girl in addition to being exquisite or shiny. After all, this opportunity is not a daily one~

Fellala charme simple wishing antlers stud

The Deer elements are a symbol of love and beauty in many people's hearts. The elements of little antlers are combined with earrings, simple and funny; and the design is also rather abstract. It makes sense if you wear the earrings daily even not for Xmas.

She's girl Xmas Elk tassel brooch

The Pierced Series elk pendant is combined with the popular brooch in recent years to satisfy the girl's whimsy and embellish

4.Christmas Red & Green Elements

Red and green should be the standard color of Christmas, which can't be applied in clothing but on small accessories.

ZEGL Xmas Tassel Christmas tree Earrings

Green Christmas tree is matched with long tassel earrings, which is cute and elegant, and suitable for students or Light ripening wind girls who have just started their work life

She's girl Xmas Ribbon design choker necklace

Choker has also been a popular style in recent years, a must-have item for fairy. This basic ribbon design choker is very easy to be matched with clothes, which is combined with the Christmas red and green color and can brighten the overall look.

5.Fluffy Ball Earrings

As the most seasoned Fur Pom Pom Ball element, all beautiful girls should have no resistance to it! In addition to its fashion style, it can also quietly cure the coldness in winter

ZEGL Xmas Snowball brooch

The combination of the white furry snowball and the brooch makes a new idea to our match. When I usually wear a shirt, it is the most annoying thing to wear it like a waiter! This will be solved with a pair of plush brooch chain, which is symmetrically clipped on the shirt collar or on the jacket unilaterally can make you cute and fashionable

She's girl Cat ear shape mink fluffy ball earrings

When combined with this long earrings and a plush fluffy ball to disperse part of the sight, this kind of earrings can achieve the most visible face effect.

After viewing these cute New Year's jewelry elements, can't you wait to get it? Come and prepare your New Year style now from Superbuy!

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Body-building Season,Yoga best-buys recommendations!

Originated in the ancient India, Yoga is known as the "World’s Treasure" with a history of 5,000 years. Today, it has become a very popular fitness exercise among both men and women. Especially some movements that require more strength are easier for men to complete. Any men who wants to increase muscle and reduce sports injuries can have a try. The practice of yoga is not just about persistance, but also some small equipment to help you achieve the effect of fitness shaping. Here we’ve selected some for your reference:

Yoga Mattress

Anyone who knows a little about yoga knows that yoga mats are very useful equipment. Because the yoga mat not only can be non-slip and sweat absorption when your feet sweat by switching between “sitting, lying, standing, squatting”, but also effectively cushion and protect your joints such as spine and knees from sports injuries.

KANSOON NBR Series EA037 Yoga Mat
This fitness yoga mat uses high-density closed-cell foaming technology, which can effectively absorb the pressure of the human body on the ground and slow down the impact damage. The strong rebound material allows quick recover regardless of the weight of the load-bearing limit; the surface is Horizontal design for skid resistance and sweat absorption. NER material is environmentally friendly and tasteless. This mat is suitable for Yoga practice, tablet support, parent-child interaction, casual sitting and other needs, with the size of 183*61*1cm.

Yaga ball

Yoga ball is also a good choice for the yoga practitioner. The material of the yoga ball is soft with air inside. The mian practice parts are the abdomen, the waist and the back and more. Yoga ball can be used to massage muscles and relieve muscle soreness, and relieve pressure, which is especially suitable for those office workers. When practicing with yoga balls, you can eliminate the fatigue of the whole day.

As the diameter of the yoga ball is different, you can choose the right one according to your body shape. Generally speaking, women can choose a yoga ball of 45 or 55cm, and a male can choose one of 65 or 75cm.

Yoga Stretching Strap

When practicing yoga, you can use the Elastic Stretching Strap to stretch your muscles and shape the body. It can be used in the arms and legs, etc., which not only can help the Tummy Control, but also can improve the flexibility and balance of the body, and increase the fun of yoga practice.

KANSOON DZ15 Elastic Stretching Strap
KANSOON is a sports equipment brand from Hangzhou, whose products include home fitness equipment, exercise bikes, strength trainers, leisure trainers and ball sports equipment and others. Made of 100% natural latex, this latex tape set is elastic and insulating and does not cause skin irritation. The thickness and length of the resistance band determines the weight at the time of use.

Yoga Hammock

Yoga is divided into different forms, of which inverted yoga is the king. Handstand can effectively improve blood circulation and blood supply to the brain, allowing the blocked blood vessels smoothly, and more blood flow to the face, making the skin firm and smooth. With the help of a yoga hammock, it is easier to complete the handstand movement, which is not so easy to cause shoulder and cervical spine injuries.

Yoga hairband Sweatbands

You may need to pay attention to some small details for a good practice state and high-quality practice while doing Yoga. For example, when a girl with long hair changes her body shape, she will be distracted by her sweat hair. Why not use the hairband to fix her hair? The hair band is elastic and breathable, and can effectively absorb sweat.

Yoga Suits

It is necessary to wear professional sportswear with material of good ventilation and perspiration while practicing yoga. Boys' tops can be sports vests or short sleeves. It is enough for girls to choose low-intensity sports underwear, because yoga is relatively not a vigorous exercise. The texture of the yoga pants is better cotton or hemp, mixed with Lycra, with good breathability and sweat absorption, soft and comfortable. The simple design and pure color will be better choice.

TITIKA women Yoga wears, 6% cash back from Superbuy Rebates

LA Nikar Women's Fitness Wear

Yoga socks

The textured spots on the bottom extend far enough side-to-side and across the entire bottom of the socks to ensure a true no-slip grip on tile and hardwood floors. They keep your feet firmly planted on your mat. If your feet sweat a lot and due to sweating your feet have bad odor, you need these yoga socks. The unique mesh design on the top of the socks conducts the sweat and moisture out, increases the breathability and help on repelling sweat and reducing odor.

There are many benefits to practice yoga, which can speed up your metabolism, relieve pressure on the body and mind, and relieve body fatigue and pain. It can improve your body flexibility and the temperament, and quiet the spirit at the same time. If you are new to Yoga, those products above should be your first choice~

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Mouse selection,7 star items worth of collection

Have you checked your shopping list of the Peripherals of this year? Here are some hot mouse with high quality and reasonable price for your reference below, hope you like:

Logitech G502 Game Mouse

The G502 is an adaptive gaming mouse from Logitech in 2014 that can customize many features as needed. The appearance basically draws on the design of the G602, right hand ergonomic shape. Those 11 buttons can customize the macro command which can be saved to the onboard memory, thus you can use it without opening the LGS design software. The biggest feature of the G502 is the surface calibration which allows the user to adjust the sensor parameters for the best compatibility with different mouse pads.

Logitech MX Master 2S

In terms of appearance, it inherits the exquisite and aesthetic ergonomic design of the previous generation. The difference is that Logitech's LOGO etching text is changed to Logi. The biggest highlight of MX Master 2S is the new "Logitech Flow" feature, which allows users to intelligently identify multi-platform switching without physical buttons; users can install Logitech Flow software on Windows/Mac systems, allowing them to move and switch on the Macs and Win seamlessly. When the mouse moves out of one of the displays, it will assume that you want to perform a multi-screen operation and the cursor will automatically appear on another device. Of course, the premise is that the two computers should be in the same network environment (Wi-Fi), which is very useful for users who often exchange texts between Mac and Win platforms.

Fühlen G90 EVO Mouse

As an upgraded version of the G90 mouse, the G90 EVO continues the same right-hand ergonomic design as the G90, with 7 separate buttons and 16.8 million color RGB lights. The sensor is upgraded to PMW3360 which supports up to 12000DPI sensitivity, 250ips moving speed, 50g acceleration and 1000Hz reporting rate. The key response time is 5ms, and strength of 0.4N-0.8N, life of more than 50 million times. The mouse size is 118.9 x 64 x 41.4 mm.

RAZER 6400DPI Mouse

This RAZER 6400DPI mouse is a Python standard version, with 6400DPI optical sensor, support of 1000Hz Mouse rate of return, response time 1ms and a total of 5 buttons.  It can be controlled by Leiyun 3 software, with the overall shape of right-handed engineering design, and equipped with non-slip side skirt. It has size of 127×73 ×43mm and weighs about 96g with a 2-year quality assurance. It is a good choice for the entry-level players with reasonable price among the RAZER products.

RAZER G304 Mouse

Similar to the G102, G304 is lightweight and symmetrical which weighs only 99g, with no fancy decorations or backlights. Left side of the mouse is equipped with shortcut keys to support programming custom attributes. The biggest points is the Hero optical sensor with the same as G603, with the adjustable range of 200-12000 DPI. And the Logitech Light speed wireless technology provides a delay of less than 1ms. In other points, the mouse is equipped with 10 million knock life fretting. The product uses a wireless solution that requires AA battery power which can provide 250 hours game time (1ms return rate).

ROCCAT Kone Pure E-sports game mouse

ROCCAT Kone Pure uses the PMW3310 optical engine, up to 5000dpi, Omron fretting, with ergonomics design. The drive is more powerful, allowing all mouse parameters to be set. The mouse has seven buttons. And the mouse wheel is programmable. The 16.8 million color lighting system can be customized for lighting color effects.

Microsoft Classic Intellimouse

Inspired by the Microsoft Intellimouse 3.0, the Microsoft Classic Intellimouse has exceptional tracking and the firm scroll wheel that fans loved about the original. Tracking is now even more precise with a DPI range up to 3200. Work exactly the way you want with the Microsoft Classic Intellimouse. Quickly and efficiently complete your most common tasks with three customizable buttons. Plug in the fast, wired USB connector and immediately get into your flow without waiting for Bluetooth to pair or searching for a dongle. The ergonomic design of the Microsoft Classic Intellimouse is comfortable for hours of use. Fluidly handle every maneuver for your most detailed projects with carefully calculated weight, stability, and control.

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Top 10 Xmas gifts recommendation,Gifts list

Christmas is coming! Have you prepared your Xmas gifts yet? As there are too many choices, you may be lost among the gifts sea. Here we have selected a gift list for your reference. And hope you like

1.VOLUSPA scented candles gift box(candles+ rotatable candlestick+ hand cream)

2.miu miu 2018 Rose water Xmas Perfume Gift box

3.JO MALONE Xmas Miniature scented candles gift box
JO MALONE is regarded as the “YSL” of the fragrance world. Every end of the year, it will offers big discounts on the Christmas Limited customization and calendars. This year, the scented candle Xmas gift box includes their most popular peony and carmine scented candles.

4.GIVENCHY MYSTIC GLOW 2018 Christmas limited series gift box
This Givenchy 2018 Christmas limited edition make-up collection contains the LOOSE POWDER PRISME LIBRE #5 SATIN BLANC and the popular # 306 Lipstick. It must be first choice for Xmas gift.

5.Forbidden City Make-ups
These days Official PALACE Store on Taobao has published a series of make-ups such as lipsticks, eye shadows, blusher and height-light with the Chinese traditional style. However, this collection has been sold out.

6.HEFANG Jewelry Christmas tassel earrings
HEFANG Jewelry is a jewelry brand founded by designer Sun Hefang in 2012. Recently, it has released the Xmas limit edition accessories, including this Xmas tassel earrings which is very eye-catching. Decorated with Snowflake and tassels, the earrings can be a lovely and elegant Christmas present, with 3 colors of Dark green, burgundy and pink. It is very suitable as a Christmas or New Year gift for girls~

7.Acne Studios Schal wool muffler
100% wool material, delicate and skin-friendly, stylish and warm.

8.LINE FRIENDS Brown bear Christmas doll
In addition to those normal gifts, Xmas doll will also be a good gift choice!

9.Christmas gift box for girls

10.Christmas snacks collection gift box
Snacks always make sense as gifts for girls. If you have no ideas about what to buy, why not try this Xmas snacks collection?

There are only several days left for the Xmas day. Parties and gifts may all be prepared yet. We hope you enjoy your days with your lovers!

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Down duvets shopping guide,Battle with coldness!

Duvets have become indispensable items for many families because of its warmth and lightness for winter. Down is a kind of animal protein fiber with high heat preservation, whose triangular structure can store more air for better temperature isolation, thus maintaining the temperature of the human body in the quilt and being not affected by the indoor temperature easily. Duvets can be used at the room temperature ranging from 25℃ to minus 40℃.

How to choose?
In addition to the brands, you need take these things into considerations such as filler, fill power, fill weight, fabric, clearness, etc. while purchasing the duvets.

Here are many types of down fillers such as white goose down, gray goose down, white duck down, gray duck down, goose & duck mixed down and pulverized velvet. Goose’s down is fuller than the duck’s with no odor. Although the elasticity of goose & duck mixed down is not ideal, it has good heat preservation and reasonable price. The pulverized velvet is pulverized and produced from the bristles with poor quality and elasticity and warmth preservation.

(From left to right: duck down; goose down)

2.Down content
All down products are filled with a mixture of feathers and down clusters. The precise blend is usually described as a percentage such as 95%. This percentage refers to the minimum amount of down content in the product with the remaining percentage consisting of small feathers. Fill blend is the most important factor in choosing a duvet as the amount of down cluster content will determine the products relative warmth.

As there is sufficient heating in the north, 70%-90% fill power is sufficient; while in the south, you can choose more than 90% fill power of the duvet.

3.Fill weight
Fill weight is the main driver of warmth. It is simply the number of ounces of down in a comforter. As more down is put into the comforter the warmth level increases. It doesn’t take a lot of down to do its work so looks can be deceiving.

4.Fill power
Fill power refers to the amount of space that 1 ounce (30g) of down takes up under a pressure of 68.4g. The higher the fill power, the more air a certain weight of the down can trap, and thus the more insulating ability the down will have. A higher fill power will give you a lighter, more fluffy comforter for a given warmth level.

In addition, as the down often runs out of the duvet when you cover it, you’d better choose anti-feather fabric. The thinner the yarn and the more filmy the fabric.

Here we have selected some duvets for your reference in this cold winter. You can try the Superbuy Shopping Agent or Parcel Forwarding Service if you have any questions with international trade. Welcome to us if you have any questions.

*8H Y1 95% white Goose Down 24.7 Oz Fill Weight 78.74*90.55 inch

*LENCIER 90% white Goose Down duvets 59x 78.74 inch

*FUANNA white Goose Down duvets 38.8 Oz Fill Weight 79.9x 90.2 inch

*Xiazhen 95% white Goose Down 800+ Fill Power 38.8 Oz Fill Weight

*8H YR1 90% white Goose Down 25.39 Oz Fill Weight

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Jeans Selection,Special raw men's jeans best buy

There are many men who like military clothing with retro style. The development of Chinese brands in this style has never stopped, from which some valuable jeans brands have already settled down.

Here we will list some of the raw denim brands with high reputation in the country. They are not washed Jeans or shredded Jeans in the popular fashion, but virgin jeans with constant style. It is up to the users who buy them to develop their own jeans lines.

Red Cloud
Established in 1999, Red Cloud is one of the most popular brands in the country. In 2007, it began to produce jeans with classic crafts and materials, which became the first-class brand in domestic jeans.

1.Red Cloud R424XX Goku 14.5oz Jeans
R424XX is a jeans type developed exclusively by Red Cloud with a tight spell shape on the pockets. It is named after Goku, a traditional Chinese mythology theme.

2.Red Cloud R423-55 1950S 13.5oz
This R423-55 red trousers is fatter than "Goku", re-engraved the US 1955 work pants, loose straight.

Sauce Zhan 315XX 14.5oz
Established in 2011, Sauce Zhan is a well-known domestic primary color jeans brand from Beijing. The owner LEE RUI is an American RETRO style enthusiast who turns his hobby into a career.

1.Sauce Zhan 315XX 14.5oz Beamed jeans

SAUSE ORIGIN 915 16oz Jeans
SAUCE ORIGIN is a new brand of Sauce Zhan, which is relatively high-end position. This SAUCE ORIGIN model 915 is made of high-quality 16oz Raw Denim, which has been pre-shrinked before the delivery. The whole trouser uses Japanese GUNZE cotton thread, designed by the traditional sewing machine “UNIONSPECIAL/Singer/Merrow” during the production.

Bai He R1905 13.75oz Jeans
Bai He is a new clothing brand with retro style in China, whose traditional raw jeans are also the best buys. The brand was founded in 2010 with the details of Chinese retro style on their products.

1.Bai He R1905 13.75oz white oak jeans

2.Bai He BRONZEN RAINBOW 14oz Men Slim jeans
BRONZEN RAINBOW jeans. Bai He is one of the earliest manufacturers to try this kind of fabric dyeing process. It was developed in 2013. The rainbow color is composed of red, white, blue and green.

Founded in 2013, Over Comer is an overalls retro brand from Hangzhou. The Founder Bruce is a big fan of American retro style.

OverComer 051 14oz Straight-leg jeans beamed jeans

This 051 enjoys wide popularity because of the simple and retro design. It is generally retro with 051 type made by Levi's Num. 16 factory in 1975, and improved to a type 66 that is more suitable for Asians.

BOB DONG is the earliest brand in China to produce the military retro clothing, which enjoys wide popularity among the newbie with high-quality material and reasonable price.

BOB DONG N031 14.5oz Straight-leg jeans

Established in 2013, C.D.P. is a retro military brand in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province. C.D.P. these three letters have their own meaning: C is Classics, reflecting its retro style; D is Durable, meaning the durability of the product; P is Pure, representing its original design.

C.D.P. 55XX 15oz Straight-leg jeans
This jeans is a 501XX retro type in 1955, applying the blended fabric mixed Xinjiang long-staple cotton with Pakistani cotton, with 15oz thickness and straight version.

Established at the end of 2012, BRONSON is a domestic retro military clothing brand, which includes the NON STOCK brand. The products are mainly retro American-style, including overalls, military uniforms, and outdoor clothing and other styles.

BRONSON 801xx 14.5oz straight-leg Denim jeans

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Overwatch series finally arrive!,Toy Story---LEGO

In this early October, the Overwatch official Twitter account publicly announced the cooperation with Lego, and then Lego launched a suit of the Orange Fortress of Armed Crisis, followed by Lego's 6 series of "Watching Pioneer". The most striking thing is that the minifigures in each set are highly restored to the game characters and printed quite elegantly.

1.LEGO Overwatch Tracer & Widowmaker 75970 Building Kit (129 Piece)

This creative play set includes figures of Overwatch heroes Widowmaker and Tracer
Drone building toy measures over 2” (6cm) high, 5” (14cm) long and 3” (9cm) wide; 129 pieces – For boys and girls aged 8+ and fans and big kids of all ages.

2.LEGO Overwatch Hanzo & Genji 75971 Building Kit (197 Piece)

This creative play set includes Overwatch heroes and rivals: the ninja Genji and his brother Hanzo figures. The LEGO Overwatch Hanzo & Genji 75971 building toy can be built together with all other original LEGO sets and LEGO bricks for creative building.

3.LEGO Overwatch Dorado Showdown 75972 Building Kit (419 Piece)

This creative play set includes 3 offensive Overwatch heroes—Reaper, Soldier: 76 and McCree figures. Dorado-style building toy measures over 6” (17cm) high, 5” (15cm) wide and 1” (4cm) deep; Payload truck building toy measures over 3” (8cm) high, 5” (15cm) long and 3” (8cm) wide; 419 pieces – For boys and girls aged 8+ and fans and big kids of all ages.

4.LEGO Overwatch D.Va & Reinhardt 75973 Building Kit (455 Piece)

This creative play set includes Overwatch tank heroes D.Va and Reinhardt, and minifigure versions of each character that can be placed inside the large mech toys
D.Va building toy stands over 5” (15cm) tall; Reinhardt mech toy stands over 5” (14cm) tall; 455 pieces–Buildable Overwatch toys for boys and girls aged 8+ and fans and big kids of all ages.

5.LEGO Overwatch Bastion 75974 Building Kit (602 Piece)

This creative play toy construction set features Overwatch defense hero Bastion and his friendly bird companion Ganymede. Bastion building toy in recon mode stands over 10” (26cm) tall and in sentry mode stands over 6” (17cm) tall; 602 pieces – For boys and girls aged 10+ and fans and big kids of all ages.

6.LEGO Overwatch Watchpoint: Gibraltar 75975 Building Kit (730 Piece)

This creative play toy construction set features Overwatch hero figures mercy, pharah, reaper and Winston. Overwatch rocket and launch tower building toys measure over 14” (37cm) high, 8” (22cm) wide, and 8” (22cm) deep; 730 pieces – for boys and girls aged 10+ and fans and big kids of all ages.

In all, you can choose Superbuy shopping agent or parcel forwarding service if you have problems with the global trade. We hope to help you get what you needs and wants. Please leave your comments here is you have any questions or suggestions.

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Top Men's fur jackets recommendation for winter!,Warm & Fashion

Here comes the men’s fur jacket for the cold winter. Although there are other choices of coats available in winter such as woolen coats, cotton jackets and down jackets, fur jackets must be the first choice for men’s fashion and warm needs. The thickness of fur jackets are between the woolen and cotton coats, fashionable and warm at the same time. Here we have selected faux fur jackets matching with your formal suits, sweaters and hoodies below!

Nowadays, the popularity of retro style has made many people forget that the lamb coat is actually an item with long history. It originated in World War II and evolved from the pilot jacket. The Air Force bomber's jacket often has a loop of wool on the collar that is light and warm, making it ideal for special conditions during flight.

In 1956, Marlon Brando wore a fur collar jacket and starred in the movie "On The Waterfront", and officially brought the fur collar jacket fashion into Hollywood. The biggest popularity of fur collar jackets was in 1986, when icon Tom Cruise’ classic movie "Top Gun" brought this element to life.

Match with formal suits

It is a normal match combining fur jackets with the formal suits. For example, in the "Kingsman2", Colin Uncle dressed as a British gentleman who wore a Caramel color jacket with dark suit. The strong contrast of the color does not let you feel bored of the black, white and grey winter.

1.ZARA 00706050700 Men's plus velvet jacket Polyester 100%
This ZARA men's plush jacket features a double-sided design with a fleece lapels and button closures at the side pockets.

2.Earl Joel MD-LONG suede men’s jacket
This men's coat is made of 100% polyester with MD-LONG design which is stylish and warm. The caramel color is very suitable for autumn and winter.

3.FOREVER 21 Men's Faux Fur Long Sleeve Coat
Founded in the United States, FOREVER 21 views men's and women's fashion as its main business with abundant product lines. This man's coat features faux Lamb’s wool which is soft to the touch. The double-breasted design and loose cut is comfortable to wear.

Match with sweater

Sweaters are also a must-have for winter, and a good choice for Lamb’s wool jackets. It will be easier to choose coats if you wear sweaters. The oversize cut can be matched with the overalls or jeans and boots.

1.H&M HM0678106 Men's stand collar jacket
This men's jacket features faux leather, plush collar and metal buckle, zip closure and plush lining for warmth and comfort.

2.ZARA Men's Fleece Lapel Double-Sided Jacket
This men's jacket features faux Lamb’s wool lining which is comfortable and warm. The large patch pocket design is fashion. Fleece lapels and cuffs are full of warmth.

3.urban outfitters Men's color block plush jacket
This men's Lamb’s wool jacket is 100% polyester with a contrasting color design. It has a strong sense of fashion with the large lapel and color blocking.

Match with sweater

Sweaters are more casual and trend all-match. People who don't like too rough style can choose sweaters with bright color or oversize style. You will cool with the short jacket.

1.ZARA Men's suede bomber jacket
This men's jacket is a double-sided bomber jacket with suede texture and an adjustable strap at the neckline. The loose cut and sand color is better for winter match.

2.Bershka Men's fur collar bomber leather jacket
Established by Inditex in 1998, Bershka is the sister brand of ZARA. Bershka design is more youthful and lively street style than Zara. This men's jacket features a velvet lining for comfort and warmth. The faux Lamb’s wool lapel is simple and trend all-match.

In all, the fur jackets may be best-buys for the cold winter. You can choose Superbuy shopping agent or parcel forwarding service if you have problems with the global trade. We hope to help you get what you needs and wants. Please leave your comments here is you have any questions or suggestions.

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Sports socks collections for your choice!,Perfect Match!

For sports enthusiasts, sports socks and daily socks must not be confused. Sports socks should meet the needs of the foot with accurate thickness, thinness and tightness. In addition to these two basic functions, sports socks must have the ability to protect the toes, ankles, and the arch.

According to different sports and specific demands, sports socks are roughly divided into running socks, hiking socks, ball socks, yoga socks, and ski socks and more. Most sports socks have the function of moisture-absorbing and perspiration and ankle protection. They will be adjusted in various details such as material, length, thickness and so on to make you more comfortable for the specific activities of different sports.

Running socks

As running is the most daily exercise, the professional running socks are more comprehensive with good details. Those common running socks can basically meet the runners’ needs such as moisture absorption and perspiration. However, for users with different demands, the targeted running socks can also meet their special needs!

1.DECATHLON sports socks
Founded in 1976 by Michel Leclerq, DECATHLON is a sports goods brand from France, which is one of the worlds’ largest sports goods retail brands with products including sportswear, sports equipment and so on.

This DECATHLON QUSK 111218 neutral sports socks have breathable anti-friction on the instep with thickened soles and 73% cotton and flat seams.

2.Tabio RacingRun toe socks
For runners who have some requirements for the running socks, a pair of professional running socks must be able to follow the feet in addition to the basic ability to absorb sweat and dry and protect the toes. This Tabio RacingRun running five-finger socks uses the inner and outer double-line weaving process to enhance the flexibility of the socks, which greatly enhances the tightness of this socks.

3.Balega 8025 No Show Running Socks
Balega is a brand of sports socks produced in Cape Town, South Africa, with the high quality cotton yarn from the United States. This comfortable running sock has the special Drynamix technology, which effectively enhances the wicking effect of the fiber and the moisture absorption capacity, and cooperates the internal mesh area to effectively increase air circulation and keep the feet dry. The sock’s bag-like design that lowers the heel but deepens the heel can prevent the sock from slipping.

4.X-Socks Sky Run V2.0
The X-Socks Sky Run V2.0 silver feet are the ideal stockings for marathon runners and joggers. They are very light and very breathable thanks to the AirGoTex mesh fabric at the instep. This version 2.0 combines a 50% lower tendon load with the newly incorporated Extensor protector, as well as further optimized air ducts and the triple instep protector which keeps the shoe at a distance from the instep and guarantees better air circulation.

5.2XU Men's Compression Performance Run Socks
This 2XU Run Sock is the most technically advanced performance compression sock on the market. Featuring zoned breathability panels for maximum airflow and comfort. Seamless, gradient zoned compression panels for increased blood flow and maximum muscle containment for increased performance and enhanced recovery times.

Ball socks

Ball sports are systemic exercises which require clear minds and physical coordination, with very high requirements for lower limbs because of the fast action, thus making the heel portion extremely vulnerable to injury. Therefore the anti-abrasion ability of sports socks and the ankle Protection is very important.

1.KAWASAKI KW-6103 Badminton socks
KAWASAKI KW-6103 model badminton socks are made of stretch cotton with sufficient thickness. They are designed with Knee-High style and a seamless technique for the toe part to give the foot a full protection from the toes to the ankles.

2.NIKE KD HYPER ELITE CREW Basketball socks

Basketball socks not only have excellent drainage capacity, but also provide athletes with the necessary covering capabilities. NIKE KD HYPER ELITE CREW Basketball socks are designed with Knee-High style. The socks can assist the basketball shoes to provide good support for the feet by the strengthen design of foot arch. The design of the thickened heel and ankle reinforcement can effectively protect the ankle. It is a very practical basketball socks.

3.STANCE Basketball socks 545 series
Once sponsored the NBA game socks, STANCE has the most professional and fashion basketball socks in the professional field. Through the creative culture that has always been admired, the basketball socks will be replaced with new design such as the teams’ LOGOs, mascots and even legendary stars.

Yoga socks

In view of the stability and slowness of yoga activities, the most obvious difference between yoga socks and other sports socks is the anti-slip point of the bottom. These non-slip points can help the practitioner to be more stable and better achieve the exercise effects in the MukhaSvana, Plank Pose and crescent type and more which need the support of the foot.

1.Heng Yuanxiang Yoga socks Toe Socks

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